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GGR’s range of compact lifting machinery is often used to assist with rooftop lifting operations across the UK.

The heavy lifting capacity and lightweight nature of our mini machines makes them ideal for a wide rage of rooftop lifting projects including glass lifting, steel, cladding and stone.

Our range of UNIC mini spider cranes and glass vacuum lifters are often used on rooftops to help lift and place curtain wall glazing for installation. These mini cranes sit on the roof, whilst a glass vacuum lifter is attached to the crane and lowered to the floors below to help glaze the envelope.

With the growing trends in glass architecture design, particularly on high rise buildings and skyscrapers across the UK, the use of GGR’s mini cranes and glass vacuum litters has never been higher. Our range of glass vacuum lifters can easily lift large, small, textured and curved glazing to the façade of a variety of buildings and structures.

GGR’s floor cranes have also proven popular in assisting with rooftop lifting projects when installing balustrade glass around penthouse apartments, rooftop living areas and balconies. In particular, the Slewboy 500 is a popular choice for projects of this kind thanks to its slewing arm, enabling the machine to operate at 180°, allowing for the rotation of loads 90° left and right, it is lockable at every 45°. When used with a glass vacuum lifter it is the perfect machine for lifting and manoeuvring glass into place.

If you are looking to lift glass, stone, cladding, steel or materials on to a rooftop, contact our team to see how we can make your rooftop lifting project a success.

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