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UNIC URW-095 and GSK200 stone lifter

Here’s two of GGR’s recent projects where we used our smallest mini cranes with specialist stone vacuum lifters to install stone cladding onto building facades in hard to reach areas.

A UNIC URW-094, the world’s smallest mini crane, was hired to install stone façade panels at a London show apartment, working from the limited space on the pavement outside. The mini crane spent a week installing 150kg smooth stone panels to the building’s exterior using a GSK200 stone vacuum lifter.

UNIC URW-095 and GSK200 stone lifter

The GSK200 below-the-hook battery powered lifter is fitted with a constant running vacuum system for handling loads up to 200kg. With lifting power from the mini crane, GGR’s operator was able to help fit each 1.3 metre tall panel up to a maximum height of 4 metres underneath a small overhang. Thanks to its compact size the mini crane caused minimum disturbance to the nearby busy street during the job.

A higher capacity stone lifter, the 1000kg capacity GSK1000 was also used with a mini spider crane to handle GRC cladding panels at another residential complex in London. A 0.995 tonne capacity UNIC URW-095 crane worked inside the building to install 240kg glass fibre reinforced concrete panels to internal columns. The spider crane lifted 2.65 metre long C-channel cladding sections to a 7 metre maximum height from its restricted working area and used a searcher hook to fit the upper panels which sat close to the ceiling’s steel beams.

Take a look at GGR’s full range of stone lifting equipment and read more about how this kit has been used here.  Find out more information about GGR’s accredited training course on how to safely and effectively use stone vacuum lifters.



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