By: Melissa Nichols On: May 27, 2020 In: Blog, Social Distancing Comments: 0

GGR’s range of Oscar glazing robots have features that make them perfect for helping to maintain social distancing on site. Across the range there are various control options and a series of attachments including vacuum head, hook and forks. These robots reduce the need for manual handling, can be operated by one person making them a very versatile and capable machine.

One Person Operation – Our range of Oscar Glazing Robots are operated by one person only, helping to maintain the 2m recommended distance between operatives on site. Our range of glazing robots also features stabilisers for added safety when going over uneven ground and some models include a powered side shift function for moving the device exactly into position when assisting with glass installation.

Fork/Hook Attachments – Optional attachment for loading and unloading to reduce manual handling and assisting with pick and carry duties. The hook attachments allow these machines to be used with glass, cladding and stone vacuum lifters if required. A very versatile lifting machine on site.

Remote Control Options – Various models have pendant or radio remote control options available. The use of a radio remote control or pendant will help sites maintain and stick to social distancing measures on site whilst still ensuring productivity to get projects finished.

Find out more about our range of Glazing Robots here.

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