By: Kelly Holdaway On: June 06, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

The Oscar 600 Offroad, one of the models in GGR’s brand new Oscar series, is a powerful glazing robot with added all-terrain mobility.

A fresh addition to our hire fleet of lifting robots, the offroad version of the standard Oscar 600 machine has been designed to easily move across outdoor sites and through confined spaces, carrying glass loads up to 600kg.

Its front wheel drive and large tyres mean that the offroad Oscar can navigate across soily and uneven ground without sinking into the ground. With a telescopic lifting arm, dual circuit vacuum system and rotating/tilting six-pad frame, this glazing robot can manoeuvre glass units precisely into position for installation.

Contact us to find out more about hiring the Oscar 600 Offroad glazing robot for your glazing job.

Oscar 600 Offroad working on a cobbled street

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