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UNIC URW-094 being transported by zip wire

The sky truly is the limit for our UNIC mini cranes as they can often be seen flying through the air to reach the dizzy heights of the skyscraper rooftop or a remote lifting location. Lightweight and miniature in size, our machines have taken to the air with a little help from bigger cranes, helicopters and even zip wires.

UNIC mini cranes have a lightweight steel chassis so can easily be lifted into position by mobile cranes to work on rooftops, in-between floors and other low point loading areas where access is extremely restricted. This 2.9 tonne capacity UNIC URW-295 spider crane was lifted 30 metres high by a mobile crane to the 9th floor, then a further 8 metres to the 11th floor of this Reykjavik building to install steel handrails.

UNIC URW-295 being lifted onto high rise building in Reykjavik

A mobile crane also lifted a pair of UNIC URW-506 cranes up to the first floor level landing deck of the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London so they could work in tandem to install heavy steel beams for a new floor.

UNIC mini cranes can even be dismantled into pieces to make them easier to transport onto the rooftops of high-rise building in city centres.  At Dewar Place substation in Edinburgh, a tower crane lifted a UNIC URW-706 minus its legs from street level up to the rooftop to fit a stone balustrade.
When moving a UNIC URW-706 to the top of The Shard, the tower crane carried the crane’s body and boom up separately to reach the 283 metre height on the 87th floor where the boom was reattached.

Legless UNIC URW-506 being lifted at Dewar Place

If road access is limited, our high-flying mini cranes can also be transported by helicopter, slung using a cargo net.  A UNIC URW-706 travelled to a 3697 metre height to reach the top of Mount Jungfraujoch in Switzerland where it spent four months dismantling telecommunications equipment.  Back in the UK, this UNIC URW-547 was lifted by an RAF Chinook helicopter to reach a remote cliffside in Eastbourne where it installed a Bomber Command memorial stone.

UNIC URW-547 carried by Chinook helicopter

For larger lifting projects where more heavy-duty machines are required, GGR Group can now offer customers city cranes, mobile cranes, all terrain cranes and mobile tower cranes for short and long term hire.  GGR can also provide fully qualified CPCS crane operators and CPA Contract Lift package as part of our service.

To find out more about GGR’s HeavyLift services contact our customer services team today.

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