By: Marc Pogorzelec On: May 31, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR Group helped carry out important upgrade works at an electrical power site in Wales recently.

Our MCC495 crawler crane was used to replace isolator heads, some of which had been in place since 1953. To enable this to take place, the upper busbars – which conduct the electricity and sit on top of 10m concrete structures – were removed, followed by the drop links. The lower busbars were then lowered by the MCC495, allowing access to the isolator heads.

Working in close proximity to live, high voltage structures meant we took extra steps to ensure safe lifting. This included cordoning off the relevant areas, use of a slew limiter to restrict the movement of the boom and ensuring equipment is earthed.

The MCC495 combines the compactness of a spider crane with the heavy lifting power of a pick and carry crane.  Its 2.35m wide base and solid tracks provide it with the stability to lift and travel with loads up to 2 tonnes in weight, or 4.9 tonne capacity static lift.

The five section telescopic boom can reach a maximum working height of 16.35m. Pick & Carry Duties are available at boom lengths of up to 10.13m.

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