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N4000 hand cup lifting glass

GGR’s top of the range Woods Powr-Grip hand cups are a glazier’s toolbox essential, so every now and again these hard working lifting aids need a bit of care and attention to keep them in perfect working order.

Does the vacuum pad have a glossy sheen or cracked edges? Is the pump action sluggish? Is there vacuum leakage during a lift? These are some of the tell tale signs that your hand cup needs repairing, a replacement part or even just a good old clean to give it a new lease of life.

To give your hand cup a spring clean simply remove the air filter from the pad face and apply soapy water or mild cleanser to the rubber cup with a clean sponge or lint-free cloth. Never use solvents or rubber conditioners as these chemicals are too harsh for the rubber! Remember to hold the cup face down so water doesn’t run into the vacuum pump.

You can perform this simple test to check for any vacuum leakages from your hand cup. Attach the cup to a smooth, clean glass or metal surface and leave it for around 2 hours. If the red line vacuum indicator appears during this period, your hand cup may be leaking so may need to be cleaned or repaired.

This practical troubleshooting guide can help you diagnose any issues and restore your hand cup to its former glory (click to enlarge).

Hand cup troubleshooting table


GGR carry genuine Woods Powr-Grip spare parts and provide a hand cup repair service in our depots, contact our customer services team for more information. To find out more about looking after your hand cup visit the Woods Powr-Grip website.

Woods Powr-Grip hand cups are available to buy online from the new and improved GGR Glass website.


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