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Boasting 3 decades of experience in the lift industry, GGR Group have once again been commissioned to complete a lift for Nottinghamshire electricity board.

An image of a tracked leveller

We have recently been pivotal to the completion of a replacement circuit breaker which was completed in 1 day.

Following an in-depth site survey by one of GGR’s surveyors, it was quickly determined that a URW-706 and a Tracked Leveller 6.0 would be required to complete the job.

Once the URW-706 had arrived, it was tracked up to the sub-station and made light work of the 2000kg circuit breaker. With a 6 tonne maximum lifting capacity and up to a 19.5m hook height, it was no surprise that the URW-706 was able to easily lift and shift the circuit breaker into place. Boasting a slender total travelling width of 1670mm and a maximum working radius of 18.6m, this nimble yet powerful crane was able to complete the lift safely and efficiently.

The Tracked Leveller completed this dynamic duo by loading the circuit breakers and transporting it down the narrow access track to the substation.  This eco-friendly, Hybrid Tracked Leveller boasts an impressive lifting capacity of 6000kg and features bi-levelling technology that allows for maximum manoeuvrability. Fully controlled by radio remote control with digital feedback, the Tracked Leveller 6.0 allows operators to stand at a safe distance while operating the machine.

The URW-706 has been on hand to complete a number of lifts such as the replacement of some failed glass units and projects at Chester Canal.  For more information about how GGR can help you, email us at

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