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Chester Lock Gates Replacement

A UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane was recently commissioned to assist with the replacement of lock gates on Chester Canal in the UK.

The UNIC URW-706 proved to be the perfect crane for this project as there was no road access to the canal and there was only a confined space for the crane to work in, making it inaccessible for larger mobile cranes.

The UNIC URW-706 was selected thanks to its compact size, 1.97m wide chassis and ability to travel down narrow winding paths to get to its working location.

Once safely making its way to its lifting location, the UNIC URW-706 had the job of lifting out the old lock gates and lifting and manoeuvring the new lock gates into position. The new lock gates were loaded onto pontoons which lay beneath the crane, allowing them to be easily lifted and placed into position for installation.

Chester Lock Gates Replacement

Chester Lock Gates Replacement

Each lock gate was a huge 6m x 2.5m in size and weighed in at 4.5 tonnes each, somewhat easy work for the 6-tonne capacity URW-706 mini crane.

The UNIC URW-706 comes with a radio remote control, crucial for projects of this kind where the load cannot be controlled from the operator seat.

GGR’s range of UNIC mini spider cranes are often used on canals across the UK to assist with essential maintenance works. Whether its assisting with the installation of new lock gates, repairing bridges or creating temporary dams for inspections.

Thanks to the UNIC URW-706, the lock gates were replaced just in time for Rosie and Jim to navigate on through.

For more information on the UNIC URW-706, click here.

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