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One of GGR’s most popular and heavy-duty spider cranes recently came to the rescue to replace a number of failed glass units in Ormskirk. Coupled with an MRT4 vacuum lifter, the URW-706-2 and MRT4 saved the day.

As one of our flagship UNIC mini spider cranes, the URW-706-2 was the perfect solution to help lift the various 90kg replacement glass units of the building front without the need to reposition. With a 6-tonne lifting capacity, the unrivalled combination of the URW 706-2 and the MRT4 vacuum lifter resulted in the project being completed safely and efficiently.

Mini Spider Crane and Vacuum lifter in operationThe UNIC URW-706-2 was able to easily manoeuvre into position and then lift the pieces of glass up 13m into position. With a maximum lifting height of 19.5m and a working radius of 18.6m the URW-706-2 made lightwork of the glass units. This powerful mini spider crane was versatile enough to complete the job yet compact enough to create minimum disruption to the surrounding area.

Along with the help of an the MRT4 vacuum lifter which has a safe working load of 320kg, this duo quickly and efficiently completed this project. With 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt this ever-popular glass vacuum lifter was able to compliment the lifting capabilities of the 706-2 and replace the failed glass units.

One of GGR’s trusty Large Glass A-Frames was also on hand to help complete the project. Able to cater loads of up to 1000kg and a handy 250mm ground clearance, this hugely popular trolley provided the perfect assistance to get the job done.

This joins the long list of times that GGR Group’s UNIC cranes have been used in conjunction with a vacuum lifter, back in 2020 GGR was commissioned to complete a rooftop lift job.

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