By: Kelly Holdaway On: February 26, 2013 In: Blog Comments: 0

Hydraulica 2000 used with mobile crane

The powerful Hydraulica 2000 is a 26 pad glass sucker with some serious lifting power, as GGR demonstrated when we used this machine to transport an oversized roof light over the top of houses in a London neighbourhood recently.

The 2 tonne capacity dual circuit lifter was hired to handle a large-format glass panel which weighed a hefty 1000kg and spanned a huge 6 metres. To move the unit from street level to the rooftop of a new house, the Hydraulica 2000 and glass load were lifted through the air by the on-site mobile crane. Thanks to the lifter’s hydraulically powered 90° tilt and 210° rotation mechanisms, the heavyweight glass could be easily manoeuvred into position ready for installation.

Hydraulica 2000 lifter installing roof lightGGR’s range of heavy-duty vacuum lifters are often used to install larger than life glass roof lights – read more about how our Ultra-Clad 1000 cladding lifter was used to lift textured glass panels and a Hydraulica 1200 joined forces with a MRTA611 “6-in-Line” glass sucker to install triple glazed roof light pieces on an episode of Grand Designs.

We have recently added a number of new models to our popular Hydraulica vacuum lifter family, take a closer look at the new Hydraulica 2600 Quad-Circuit Compact and Hydraulica 900-C for curved glass.


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