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Over 90% of the GGR Green Range are zero emissions, battery powered lifting products. We strive to help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and to create an overall cleaner, greener working environment.

In our previous blog, we looked at the GGR Green Range. With a number of products featuring in this range, we decided to split the blog into two.

In the second part, we will continue to look at the different pieces of equipment that can help you to lift more efficiently whilst still reducing your carbon emissions.

MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane

Our MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane has a huge 10t capacity and a maximum working height of 21.5m (26.2m with fly jib).  The 2800mm wide base and solid tracks make it the ideal solution for travelling over uneven and rough terrain.  This powerful crane can also operate in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone thanks to its Euro Stage V engine.

Eco Mini Spider Crane

The latest in Mini Spider Crane engineering, the UNIC battery powered Eco-UNIC models provide fume-free lifting for sensitive environments.  Ideal for food processing plants and listed buildings, airports and clean environments, these unique spider cranes are powered by a rechargeable 48v battery with no diesel emissions impacting on the surrounding area.

Electric Telehandler

The world’s first electric telehandler, the F6.26 with a 2.6 maximum working capacity and a 5.9m maximum lifting height, gives users the best eco-friendly telehandler option in the UK.  With up to a 6-hour battery life (depending on usage), the ability to opportunity charge and a multitude of attachments available this modern and effective telehandler can work in a wide variety of sectors and industries.

You can read our previous blog about our Green Lifting Range here.  If you are interested to find out more about our range of low emission lifting equipment, then you can get in touch by emailing us on


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