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At GGR we are committed to helping our customers to reduce their emissions during lifts. As a member of the Sustainability Supply Chain School, GGR has dedicated nearly 3 decades to this mission.  As a part of this, GGR Group have a dedicated ‘Green Lifting Range’.

With over 90% of GGR Groups’ range of lifting solutions being zero emissions, we’re sure to have the perfect selection of equipment that is ideal for any project that is being completed in zero-emission or other clean zones.  Legislation is constantly changing and more and more clean air zones are popping up. Because of this, it is important for businesses to keep up and make sure that they have the correct lifting equipment regardless of any changes that may arise in the future.

Below is a list of some of the product ranges that you will find in our Green Lifting Range:

Vacuum Lifters

GGR offer over 60 different glass vacuum lifters with capacities that range from 70kg to 6000kg. With cladding lifters that range in capacity from 320-1000kg and a stone lifter range with 100-4600kg capacity, you can be sure that you will have access to the lifting equipment you need whilst still reducing your carbon emissions.

Glazing Robots

GGR have a range of award-winning glazing robots with a variety of capacities that range from 280-1400kg.  Glazing robots are the perfect solution to a number of different lifts, with them you have the ability to tackle inside-out glazing, curtain walling and more with ease.  They are all 100% battery powered which will give you the opportunity to work in enclosed or noise-sensitive environments.

Pick & Carry Cranes

GGR have a wide variety of Pick & Carry Cranes that range from 2t to 25t.  Our Pick & Carry Cranes are perfect for lifting and shifting materials onsite.  Along with this, they are also a perfect alternative to a forklift and many other industrial cranes. Because they are fume-free and do not require the use of outrigger mats it makes them one of the best solutions for eco-friendly lifting and shifting.

Tracked Carriers

The GGR range of environmentally friendly Tracked Carriers, ranging from 1t to 6t capacity offer users maximum manoeuvrability and control when operating on busy construction sites and in narrow areas. The Tracked Leveller range of Tracked Carriers come with an automatic self-levelling load deck, ensuring optimum control and safety.

Find out more about the range of green lifting products that GGR can offer you and keep an eye out for our next blog on the other equipment featured in our Green Lifting Range.  Get in touch here

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