By: Kelly Holdaway On: August 13, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

The smallest pick and carry crane in the GGR range had the ideal combination of a compact frame and lifting strength to work swiftly when replacing a generator engine at the Chadderton Wellbeing Centre in Oldham recently.

The 2 tonne capacity G20 compact crane model is a proven performer on repair and maintenance jobs in extremely confined spaces, so this battery powered machine had no problem working in the fitness centre’s small pump house.

With its 920mm wide chassis, the G20 could easily fit through the 1.72m gap to access the generator which provides power to the building and heats the swimming pool.  The crane could get close enough to reach inside the generator and remove the old engine, before returning to the pump house with the 900kg new eco-friendly chip-fat fuelled Scania engine for installation.

GGR’s pick and carry cranes have been used to lift other heavy machinery such as cylindrical drums for carbon filter systems at Scalby Mills, as well as more weird and wonderful loads like this fibreglass elephant at Stratford Armories Museum.

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