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The compact lifting power in GGR’s range of UNIC mini spider cranes means that we are able to lift all kinds of automobiles, whether that’s a lightweight racing car, a pricey luxury sports car or a vehicle that has got itself into a spot of bother!

This one of kind racing car was lifted by a 2.9 tonne capacity UNIC URW-295 mini crane from the lawn of the Sercotel Sorolla Palace hotel in Valencia into the lobby for an automotive industry conference. This unusual Lola Formula 3 racing car was the world’s first to be made from renewable materials, with bodywork made from potatoes and an engine fuelled by waste chocolate! Very handy for if you got peckish on a long journey…


A car made of more traditional materials, a red Mini Cooper, was lifted using another UNIC URW-295 crane at the Big 5 PMV Live show in Dubai last year. In a live demonstration of the mini crane’s lifting muscle, one of GGR’s car lifting hoists was used to support the weight of the 1350kg Mini. Watch this video of both these mini machines in action.


Our car lifting hoist has also been used to handle supercars, like when this UNIC URW-706 carefully moved an 1800kg Aston Martin onto the upper floor of a shopping centre. With a steel frame and adjustable supportive slings, the hoist can lift any vehicle up to 2.4 metres wide and 2500kg.


Our mini cranes are not just for lifting pristine cars into pride of place for display, our teams of lifting experts also come to the rescue when a vehicle ends up where it shouldn’t be. A 6 tonne capacity UNIC URW-706 was able to gain access to this restricted access lifting location via narrow paths so it could help lift a Ford Fiesta out of a canal lock in Chadderton, Greater Manchester. The car weighed 1.5 tonnes and was lying 4 metres below ground level after being stolen and dumped in the canal.


As well as providing lifting solutions for glazing and constructing car showrooms, GGR also offers equipment for hire and sale which is ideal for use in the automotive manufacturing and repair industry.

Our range of curved hand cups (such as the GGR Flexi, Woods N6000 Curved and LJ6VH Vertical Handle) can be used for working with lighter elements and small powered vacuum lifters (MT1, MT2 and MRT2) are practical alternatives to manual handling when working with windscreens or body panels.

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