By: Kelly Holdaway On: May 02, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0


GGR Group’s range of mini cranes and vacuum lifters are often chosen as practical lifting solutions for construction and glazing work in car showrooms.

A Unic URW-095 mini spider crane and an MRT4 vacuum lifter made installing large beaded glass windows to the Monks Heath Motor Company showroom a simple task. For this job, the mini crane was required to work across obstacles such as a grass verge and graveled area to lift the glass panes from the van-mounted stillage on the roadside to the window frame.

The MRT4 lifter and mini crane were transported around the building to lift the four large 225kg windows into position. The compact size of the URW-095 crane made it ideal for working in confined spaces on site, whilst providing enough lifting power to easily handle the 4 metre by 2.4 metre panels.

GGR’s lifting equipment has also been used to help glaze larger showrooms for household names such as Volkwagen. This time a Unic URW-376 mini crane was used with a versatile MRT4 lifter on this busy construction site to move glass units onto two levels of a steel structure, where glaziers could fit the units from an access platform.


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