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5 Facts About Construction Cranes

Cranes have a long history starting in 3000 BC with the first type of crane, the shaduf. This was used to lift water for irrigation in Mesopotamia which is today’s Iraq. Consisting of a long counterbalanced pole on a pivot the attached bucket was used to lift water from its source and transport it to land or another waterway.

Today cranes have evolved from helpful tools for lifting water to industrial beasts that can now lift up to 20,000 tons. Whether for simple transporting tasks or more elaborate glazing projects, you can find a crane that will provide you with the strength or height to get the job done. At GGR Group our strongest crane is the GF250 Pick and Carry which can lift up to 25 tonnes and our tallest is the UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane which can reach up to 30.7m with a second stage fly jib.

Fact 1: The First Powered Construction Crane Was Made in 1850

After thousands of years of muscle-operated cranes, the industrial revolution became the catalyst for the advancement of modern cranes. The access to new technology allowed for the first steam crane to be invented, which was patented by Sir William Fairbairn in 1850. Using a combination of coal and water the steam generated was pressurised so it could be used as a counterweight to the items being lifted.

GGR Group's UNIC ECO-295 Mini Spider Crane lifting a large door.

GGR Group’s UNIC ECO-295 Mini Spider Crane lifting a large door.

This sudden modernisation of cranes caused a competitive flurry in the construction industry which has lasted up until the modern era as technology continued to get better and the world changed.

GGR Group holds the title of no.1 for lifting solutions due to our continued innovation for almost thirty years. Seeing modern technology and ideas as an advantage we have chosen to keep updating our fleet to reflect new possibilities and the evolving needs of our customers. One example of this is our expanding range of electric options, namely our ECO Mini Spider Cranes. Currently supplying 4 types the UNIC Tracked Eco-295 is our strongest eco spider crane with tracked capabilities. With all the same capabilities as its diesel counterparts but with zero emissions which is perfect for work in sensitive environments.

Fact 2: There Are Over 200,000 Cranes Around the World

Cranes are a highly useful tool that is used throughout a multitude of industries, this is because cranes increase productivity and the safety of many jobs. It is estimated that there are over 200,000 cranes around the world, with 125,000 being used in construction and 80,000 – 100,000 in general and maritime industries.

GGR Group covers a large part of the crane industry across many parts of Europe, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. With over 30 specialist dealers we have the crane fleet and outreach needed for expanding our customer base. If you want a lifting solution tailored to you you can contact one of our experts for more information.

Fact 3: There Are Over 20 Types of Construction Cranes

Cranes are more than just tower cranes you see looming over skyscrapers in the city, there are many different types to suit a range of needs. Some like the tower crane are designed for long-term projects on tall buildings, meaning the expensive cost of installing them is worth it. Or overhead cranes which are great for use in factories that need permanent use on an assembly line.

GGR Group’s cranes are designed for both short-term and long-term use with 4 main types of cranes, we provide our customers with multiple solutions suited to their projects. Our Mini Spider Cranes are compact yet strong and suited for lifting up to 10 tonnes and use in most environments. Our Mini Crawler Cranes can also lift up to 10 tonnes but are specially designed for use on rough, uneven terrains. The heavy lifter of our cranes, our Pick and Carry Cranes can lift up to 25 tonnes is perfect for most construction sites. And our Trailer Cranes can lift up to 1600kg and are mobile with variable outriggers.

See how our Mini Spider Crane and Mini Crawler Crane teamed up for a rail station extension.

A pair of GGR Group cranes - the MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane and UNIC URW-095 Mini Spider Crane.

A pair of GGR Group cranes – the MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane and UNIC URW-095 Mini Spider Crane.

Fact 4: Construction Cranes Can Be Very Dangerous

While cranes are generally very safe machines it can often be due to human error when cranes become dangerous i.e., use in bad weather, not doing regular maintenance checks or improper safety gear. By applying the correct health and safety measures to crane use you can easily avoid the associated risks.

According to annual statistics, 26% of injuries in construction were caused by slips, trips or falls between 2019 – 22. In our blog on Crane Safety During Winter we highlight the importance of this statistic. As bad weather such as snow, ice, and rain can make the ground or crane slippery this statistic is a reason to follow all necessary health and safety precautions. For more facts about

construction cranes when using them in windy weather click here.

Fact 5: GGR Group is No.1 For Lifting Solutions

As a specialist company with almost 30 years of experience, GGR Group understands the importance of innovation and continuing to improve products. Through these years of proving our active efforts to bring our customers the best lifting solutions, we have developed a fleet reflective of that. We are continuing to expand our range of cranes and other lifting solutions in line with customer demand. We created this blog on facts about construction cranes so readers could learn more about cranes and see how our products related. To find out more about our products and they will fit into your project you can contact one of our experts by phone or by clicking here.

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