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G70 pick and carry crane at sewage works

A compact pick and carry crane hired from GGR Group proved to be the perfect machine for lifting and removing a 2 tonne pump from this sewage treatment works in the North East.

The pump needed to be removed from a congested area within the treatment works, then carried 5 metres to the exit where it could be sent for repair.   There was limited space within the building, a low doorway and a metal trapdoor at the entrance which meant a lightweight, compact crane was essential.

A G70 pick and carry crane was provided to complete the task, which is capable of lifting 7 tonnes without the need for outriggers, has a 6m lifting height yet measures only 1.65m wide and 2.07m high. Designed for both indoor and outdoor operations, the G70 crane could easily access the treatment works to remove the pump quickly, saving essential manpower costs.

Battery powered compact crane lifting waste water pump

As GGR’s pick and carry cranes are battery powered, these compact machines do not emit any harmful toxic fumes, making them ideal for working in small enclosed spaces such as this. The electric pick and carry cranes are quiet to operate with less than 70 decibels of sound (no louder than a normal conversation level), compared to an average 80 decibels from traditional diesel powered mobile cranes (twice as loud).

GGR’s pick and carry cranes and UNIC mini cranes have been used for lifting operations in water and sewage treatment works in the past. Take a look at this UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane in action installing steam pipework and this UNIC URW-295 crane working on a sewage filtration bed in Eccles. Take a look at the waste water industry section of our gallery for more examples.

For more information about hiring or purchasing compact cranes from GGR Group please contact your nearest depot.

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