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UNIC mini crane working in a confined space

It was a tight squeeze for GGR’s second smallest mini crane as it took on this tricky glazing job at a new university building. This demonstrates perfectly how the minimal dimensions and multi-positionable outriggers on UNIC mini cranes mean that they can reach the awkward, hard to reach areas around a building.

The 0.995 tonne UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane was paired with an MRT4 glass vacuum lifter, both hired from GGR Group, to install 200kg glazed curtain walling units around the site on a two day job.

UNIC mini spider crane working in a restricted access area

The URW-095’s 600mm wide tracked chassis meant that it could be easily moved into position to work around obstacles such as cabins, stairs, hoarding and pillars. The crane lifted materials up to a 5 metre maximum height and was fitted with a searcher hook to install the glass panels that sat close to the building’s roof.

This small spider has a talent for tucking itself away into tight spaces, as it also proved working at this gas methane plant, electrical substation and sewage works.

UNIC URW-095 mini crane with multi-positionable outriggers

These pictures were taken by one of our operators who decided to get a bit creative and add an Instagram style filter to his crane photos, we like it!

To see more of our favourite mini crane images take a look at the galleries on our Flickr and Pinterest pages. For more information about hiring one of our UNIC mini cranes contact your nearest GGR depot.


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