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We currently have availability on our range of accredited training courses at our training centre in Haddenham, Aylesbury. Find out more about each course below or register your interest and book here today.

EMAIL_Traning Campaign_A66A66 Mini Crane Training Course 

Get your CPCS Card with our popular CPCS A66 Static Stabiliser Crane Course. Our experienced technical trainers offer training on UNIC Mini Spider Cranes, Pick and Carry Cranes, Trailer Cranes and Mini Crawler Cranes.

Join over 7000 people who have trained with us at our accredited Centre of Excellence training facilities in Haddenham. Boost your skills and increase your chances of employment with our hands-on CPCS A66 courses.

From beginners to advanced users, our 2 to 5 day flexible course is designed to suit varying levels of operator experience. Our programme involves a mix of hands-on training and theory, delivered by fully qualified trainers and CPCS testers. Find out more here.

EMAIL_Traning Campaign_RTITB


RTITB Training Courses

GGR Group offers the RTITB Accredited Below the Hook Vacuum Lifter Course that will give you all the knowledge and skills required to operate a glass vacuum lifter, cladding lifter or stone lifter.

A combination of hands-on practical training and theory, our RTITB vacuum lifter course is constantly reviewed and updated to take into account changes in legislation, standards and new equipment.

Proof of successful completion of the RTITB training programme, offered exclusively by GGR, is now a compulsory requirement for many principle contractors. Find out more here.

EMAIL_Traning Campaign_LEEA

LEEA Training Courses

LEEA accredited Pedestrian Operated Manipulator Courses provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate Oscar Glazing Robots, Geko Glazing Robots, Floor Cranes, Counterbalance Beams and the AC500 Assembly Crane, depending on which module you select.

In order to cover the wide range of equipment covered through this course, the course is broken into 4 modules, each module being 1 day in duration. There is no requirement to complete all four modules, as each module is also individually accredited and covered. Each module can be added to the skills card as and when the candidate completes them, if so desired. Find out more here.

Find out more about these courses here or sign up and register your interest by clicking here now.

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