Minifor TR50 Hoist

Capacity: 500kg

The Minifor TR50 hoist is used on construction sites all over the world because it is small, light, and easy to use. Since there are no limits on how long the wire rope can be, there are no limits on how high you can lift. This hoist can not only be used to lift things, but it can also be used to pull things in any direction.

It is operated by a cable remote pendant with a 2.5-meter cable and buttons that say “Up,” “Down,” and “Emergency Stop.” The power supply cable is one metre long, and it has a 110v 16A plug. The Minifor TR50 hoist can also come with an optional radio remote control that works at 433 MHz and has a range of 70 metres.

The TR50 is a small, portable, motorised system that can be used to lift, pull, and position loads from the ground to higher levels or the other way around. The TR50 hoist is good at lowering things below ground, in places such as lift shafts and underground tunnels.

This versatile, mid-capacity hoist works well with any of our portable gantry cranes, like the Portable Gantry Crane, the Mobile Gantry Crane 2000 or the 500kg capacity Mini Gantry Crane.

It comes with a metal case for storage, a wire rope storage drum, and a metal handle for winding.

Weight of device: 31kg.

If you are looking to hire or purchase a Minifor TR50, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

Minifor TR50 Hoist
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  • Radio remote control
  • Pendant cable lengths
  • Sheave kit (1000kg)

Reference Codes
Minifor® TR50 – LAH125
Optional Radio Control – LAH126

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