Glassmax Manual Hoist

Capacity: 250kg & 500kg

The lightweight manual Glassmax hoists can be combined with a GGR vacuum lifter for quick and effective installation of vertical glazing.

Robust and multi-functional, the Glassmax 250 hoist can handle loads up to 250kg at a hook height of 7.2 metres or a fork height of 7.5m.

The robust Glassmax 500 hoist can lift 500kg to a 4.6m height under hook and 4.8m with forks.

The Glassmax hoists are simple to fold up for transport, with removable counterweights, making them easy to transport to site.

If you are looking to hire or purchase a Glassmax Manual Hoist, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

Glassmax Manual Hoist
  • Capacity: 250kg or 500kg
  • Counterweight system
  • Ideal for vertical glazing when combined with a vacuum lifter
  • Optional 240v powered winch available
  • Optional fork attachent
  • Vacuum lifter sold/hired separately
  • Ref: MCO07 (250kg) & MCO09 (500kg)

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