By: Kelly Holdaway On: September 27, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

To catch the eye of a passenger waiting for their flight from Gatwick you need something with high impact, that’s why GGR Group was on hand to lift the airport’s new advertising billboard up to where it would have maximum exposure.

The LED screen being installed at London Gatwick’s South terminal weighed 550kg and needed to be lifted 6.5m so it could be bolted into place. The job had to be completed in less than six hours in a busy area of the airport, meaning our operators had to work quickly and safely.

Two Glassmax 250 manual hoists were used in tandem to lift from either side of the screen. These multi-functional, lightweight and easy to assemble pieces of equipment were a safe pair of hands for getting the screen into position in no time at all.


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