MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt Intelli-Grip

Capacity: 320kg – 635kg

(VGL35 IG)

The MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt Intelli-Grip glass vacuum lifter features a four-bar tilt mechanism, making it easier to tilt heavy loads between flat and upright. Featuring 360 degree manual rotation and 90 degree assisted manual tilt, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt has removable vacuum pads and extension arms, meaning it can handle loads with a variety of shapes and sizes.

The MRTA811 vacuum lifter now includes innovative Intelli-Grip technology as standard. Designed to lift loads 320kg in a 4 pad configuration and 635kg in an 8 pad configuration, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt window sucker is ideal for lifting smooth, non-porous materials such as glass, sheet metal and composite panels. This vacuum lifter’s capacity and versatility makes it ideal for a range of on-site and in-house projects.

With a Dual Vacuum System, included as a standard safety feature, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt features two independent vacuum circuits, which can support each other in the event of system failure. When the vacuum system is being energised, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt emits constant audible and visible alarms until the correct level of vacuum has been reached. The pump then stops to save battery life. A sensor switch registers any small loss of vacuum and restarts the pump to build vacuum back up to the correct level.

GGR also stock an MRT Dolly for this machine, for easy storage, transportation and to securely hold the vacuum lifter and extension arms when not in use see none other than the MRT Dolly.

If you are looking to hire or purchase the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt Intelli-Grip, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

  • 320-635kg safe working load
  • On-board Intelli-Grip Control Panel
  • 360° manual rotation
  • 90° assisted manual tilt
  • Four extension arms for different configurations
  • Dual, independent vacuum circuits with two vacuum reserve tanks, vacuum gauges and two non-return valves
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert
  • Compatible with low marking and heat resistant vacuum pads
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 29km/h, 18mph, 16.5 knots or 8 m/s

Ref: VGL35 IG

Technical Specification

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