UK’s Biggest Glass Lifters Take on Heavyweight Projects

GGR Group’s Hydraulica 4000 Quad-Circuit has been put to work on its toughest job yet. This vacuum lifter has a four tonne lifting capacity, making it the perfect machine to meet the growing demand for ever larger glass in the construction industry. The mighty machine was most recently hired to take on the installation of glass sheets weighing in at 3.6 tonnes each at one of the UK’s most innovative, new buildings.

The ground-breaking, eco-friendly mansion will secure the future of one of the UK’s oldest country estates. It is filled with features that will ensure the house is zero carbon and has been designed by award-winning architects Pringle Richards Sharratt. GGR’s Hydraulica 4000 was called upon to install the giant glass sheets that makes up the impressive front elevation of this unusual build; each of the sheets measured 8.5 metres high and 3.5 metres wide.

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