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When installing glazing sometimes you need more than just manual labour. The use of specialised glazing products makes your glazing projects more time and cost-effective. As no.1 for lifting solutions, GGR Group have a selection of products, such as the glazing robot, that can be used to assist you in all your glass installations.

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing art in a gallery.

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing art in a gallery.

What Is a Glazing Robot

These are some of our most popular products for installing glass due to their practical and user-friendly features that make shifting and installing glass easy. Glazing robots are powered machines that can be driven around site while also carrying a glass load. The attached glazing head offers the user the ability to tilt, slew, and rotate their glazing with little effort. The included vacuum pads hold the load in place while the operator is able to make positional adjustments without the constraints of manual handling.

What Glazing Robot is Best for Me?

As we supply an extensive selection of glazing robots it can become overwhelming when trying to choose one. Our products all vary in strength and height, with a glazing robot suited for almost any project. Below we have hand-picked a list of some of our best glazing robots with their features for easy reading.

Geko 350

This glazing robot has a long history at GGR Group as one of our earlier glazing robot models. This versatile machine can fit through standard doorways and around congested construction sites due to its adjustable wheels that can be narrowed from 820mm to 618mm. The Geko 350’s extendable head and 180˚  manual head rotation make it ideal for inside out glazing.

With the dual circuit vacuum system the Geko is able to lift 350kg. The Geko 350 PPV+ also comes with a hydraulic horizontal lifting arm pick-up which allows the operator to lift up to 175kg from ground level and lifted up to 1.8m.

Oscar 1000 Plus

The impressive Oscar 1000 Plus comes with 10 suction cups and a dual vacuum circuit with four vacuum pumps. Able to lift up to 1000kg this robot is able to handle a large range of glazing units on the market today. The included radio remote control allows the operator to install glazing precisely with full control over the powered tilt, slew, and rotation. The powered boom has a generous reach of 1230mm for hard-to-reach units and canopy glazing.

Utilise the 100mm lateral side shift to make slight adjustments and move glazing into tight spaces. Adjustable wheel width from 980mm to 1270mm allows the user to widen the wheels for extra balance and narrowed for fitting into constricted spaces. The fully powered head makes manoeuvring loads through doorways and alcoves simple as the operator is able to rotate and slew the load into position.

Oscar 1400

As the strongest glazing robot in the Oscar range, this machine has a maximum lifting capacity of 1400kg. With an audio-visual low vacuum warning, you can easily identify issues with the machine and return the load to the ground. Extra safety features include the dual vacuum circuit and four vacuum pumps which reduce the risk of the load falling in the unlikely chance a pump fails.

The included standard radio remote control can be utilised for carrying loads from truck to job with the operator being able to control the hydraulically powered head for more accurate glazing placement. The 100mm lateral side shift can also be controlled using the remote to easily shift glass into place.

Sky Robot 1500 lifting glass.

Sky Robot 1500 lifting glass.

Sky Robot 1500

The tallest and strongest glazing robot in our fleet, the Sky Robot 1500, has a fully articulating 3D head. This feature means awkward glazing features are able to be installed with the tilt, slew and rotate ability as well as install glass from the side with the wrist slewing feature.

With up to 8 independent vacuum pads the Sky Robot is able to support up to 1500kg with the ability to reduce the number of pads for lifting lighter loads. The maximum working height is a massive 26.16m, ideal for glazing multistorey buildings. The machine also has the advantage of being 100% electric making it perfect for use in sensitive environments.


To see more of the glazing robots we have to offer click here. Our experts at GGR Group are available now for any of your queries or advice you need on choosing a glazing robot. To speak to our staff, you can contact us by clicking here or phone one of our three depots.

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