By: Kelly Holdaway On: September 09, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0
Once again, one of our Unic mini spider cranes was able to come to the rescue by solving a tricky lifting problem – this time in an Icelandic soda factory in Reykavík.

We were called in by the Egill Skallagrímsson Brewery’s maintenance crew to assist with repairs on one of their most vital pieces of machinery. An axle under the ring where empty bottles are loaded into and then filled with soda was broken and needed to be replaced.

Rather than having to dismantle the ring and take it out piece by piece, the Unic URW-295 mini crane was able to lift the 600kg ring out whole so the broken axle could be accessed. This meant the job could be finished in a speedy six hours instead of having to stop production for four whole days.

The Unic mini crane was easily able to gain access to the broken machine, squeezing in between other machinery in the factory. The crane was also able to run on electricity, meaning that the soda in the production hall could be kept free of fumes.

The factory’s senior staff members were thrilled that they were ready for action again in no time at all thanks to some serious lifting power from our mini cranes!


Unic URW-295 working at soda factory

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