By: Kelly Holdaway On: February 09, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

A Unic mini crane was hired to complete potentially dangerous work at a power station near Reykjavik, Iceland recently.

The mini crane operating team had to be extremely careful as they needed to work close to live high voltage power in the power station which supplies electricity to an aluminium smelter.

First the 3 tonne capacity Unic-URW 506 mini spider crane worked on the conductors which are used to transfer electricity to the station’s transformers. It helped to install 16 aluminium pieces to the conductors, each weighing between 900kg and 1500kg, including eight circuit breakers which were worth a whopping €50,000 each. The Unic URW-506 was then also used to lower six 600kg electric units from their stacks in the station so there would be enough room to safely install power lines above them.

The mini crane’s safety features made it the perfect piece of lifting equipment for this job where very strict safety measures had been put in place. The operators and machine were required to work in a designated safe zone, so the precision controls and working area limitation functions of the crane meant they could effortlessly carry out lifts in this restricted space.

Unic mini cranes are popular choices for lifting jobs in the energy sector, take a look at our work at Scotland’s biggest biomass energy plant for another example of the Unic-URW 506 in action.

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