By: Kelly Holdaway On: January 06, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

When glazing work needed to be completed on a newly built greyhound stadium in Prague-Motol, Czech Republic, a Unic mini crane came on board to provide some speedy lifting.

To create a viewing gallery where punters can look out onto the greyhound racing track, large panes of glass needed to be transported from the ground to above the seating area ready for installation. As the roof covering the spectator stand made it impossible for a large crane to move the glass to the right location, a Unic mini crane and vacuum lifter were hired to complete the job.

Firstly a 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 mini crane was lifted onto the seating area of the spectator stand in its compact folded position using another crane. A MRTA6 below-the-hook vacuum lifter was then attached to the crane so it could be lowered down to lift the large glass sheets from the trolley which was on ground level.

The Unic URW-706 could then lift the glass up to the viewing gallery window frame at the top of the spectator stand where each sheet was installed by glaziers.


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