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UNIC Eco URW-095A UNIC ECO-095 assisted a GL-UMC 600 manipulating head with canopy glazing work for the reopening of a hotel in Manchester.

This glazing work involved the manoeuvre of glass panels through overhead steel frames and then flattening, ready for installation. With up to 30 pieces of glass to lift ranging from 86kg-228kg in weight and multiple load dimensions,  this project required lifting machines that were not only strong, but extremely versatile.

The ECO-095 is one of GGR Groups eco-friendly, lean, green, mighty machines. Boasting a lifting capacity of almost 1 tonne, this mini spider crane is the perfect example of fume-free power lifting. Measuring just 750mm wide, the ECO spider crane is designed for easy interior access, including canopy glazing, with a maximum lifting height of 8.9 metres.

The mini crane needed a partner for the process, one that could provide enough strength and stability to hold the glass panels in place whilst being lifted. The GL-UMC 600 manipulating head is the ultimate combination of reach and precision engineering, perfect for canopy glazing!

The glass manipulator is the ideal piece of equipment for manipulating large pieces of glass weighing up to 600kg. Partnered with a mighty ECO-095, the state-of-the-art robotic attachment allows extended reach of the cranes boom for heavy lifting at further height.

With features such as, a 360° continuous rotation, 35° left and right head slew and a 120° tilt, the GL-UMC 600 is highly flexible and allows precise positioning for any glass that it handles. This team made one tricky canopy glaze, a walk in the park!

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