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Can you spot a UNIC mini crane among the crowds in Prague, lending its lifting strength to the world famous Red Bull Flugtag?

Back in September, a  4 tonne capacity mini crane hired from KMB Stavebni Servis s.r.o., our official UNIC distributors in the Czech Republic, made its way to the Dvorak waterfront in Prague for this special event.

The Red Bull Flugtag Prague saw 40 teams attempt to fly their own creations from a 6 metre tall pier in front of 30,000 spectators. According to the competition rules, each home made aeroplane in the Flugtag can weigh no more 200 kg and must be completely human powered. The teams are judged on the distance flown, the creativity shown in their team’s design and the showmanship demonstrated in their plunge.

UNIC URW-547 lifting plane out of river

A UNIC URW-547 spider crane was placed onto a pontoon on the River Vltava and was given the task of rescuing each flying machine from the water once the teams of daredevils had launched themselves off the pier. Its 5010 kg lightweight chassis meant it could safely float on the pontoon, quickly removing the aircraft from the river before the next team’s jump.

This isn’t the first time a UNIC crane has floated on water – here’s a UNIC URW-706 being transported on a pontoon to replace canal lock gates.

(Photos courtesy of Red Bull)

Diver slinging plane for UNIC mini crane to lift

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