By: Kelly Holdaway On: February 24, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

Two Glassmax Giraffe glazing hoists were used to replace a broken overhead glass unit outside a busy London office block recently.

Specially designed to handle overhead glazing jobs such as this, the Glassmax Giraffe has a 320kg lifting capacity as well as 90° hydraulic tilt and 360° rotation functions for easily manipulation of glass loads.

To safely lift a 6.2 metre wide glass panel weighing 558kg, the pair of Giraffe glass hoists were hired to complete the job by lifting in tandem. Using the lifting power of their Woods vacuum lifting heads, the pair of hoists could bring the broken panel down to ground level and elevate the new glass unit to 4 metres high for installation to the canopy.

The compact Glassmax Giraffe hoists could be easily moved into position on the busy street and GGR’s operators could complete the job in no time at all. The efficiency of the glazing work meant that minimum disruption was caused and the restaurant close by was ready to welcome customers by lunchtime.

Take at how another of our glazing products, a Glass Sherpa trolley, was also used on a reglazing job on a busy London street >>.

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