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TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane and Mini-Clad lifting cladding inside a warehouse for a well-known British meal kit retailer.

A well-known British meal kit retailer required GGR Group’s range of lifting solutions for installing cladding in their newest and largest fulfilment site. With the indoor setting and various challenges, it was determined a mini crane with advanced reach would be best suited to completing this project.

Faced with the challenge of lifting dozens of cladding panels to fit along a 1st-floor mezzanine along with the obstacle of a protruding ground floor structure which reduced crane access points. The height restriction of the indoor setting also meant that a less traditional boom would be more suitable as it would allow enhanced accuracy when lifting. With fixed wiring and cables where some of the cladding needed to be installed the crane chosen would also need to be able to reach around this obstacle.

GGR Group helped the customer select the TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane and the Mini-Clad combo for this project. The TMC 525 benefits from a flexible knuckle boom and a 14-tonne lifting capacity as well as a 360˚contiuous rotation. Combined with the Mini-Clad’s continuous and lockable rotation this pair held the perfect amount of flexibility and precision needed for the job.

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane and Mini-Clad lifting cladding inside a warehouse for a well-known British meal kit retailer.The TMC 525 was tracked from outside to the lift area atop plywood sheets to protect the more fragile flooring. Inside the crane was set up with max outrigger positions for greater stability with outrigger mats to protect the floor throughout the lift. The TMC 525 made multiple position changes due to the protruding ground floor structure which prevented an easy reach for installing a third of the panels as well as the width of the area that needed cladding. With this crane’s user-friendly controls, it ensured speedy setup times for each new position.

Utilising the articulated boom and the radio remote control the operator could easily reach over the ground floor structure as well as around the wiring and position the needed cladding behind it. With the cladding installers in an articulated boom lift they were able to move with the TMC 525 and fix each cladding panel into place.

This meticulous installation project was enhanced by the TMC 525’s amazing features, such as its articulated boom, fold-away hydraulic legs and auto diagnostics, and the simple yet effective Mini-Clad.

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