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Like “The Amazing Spiderman” of the latest blockbuster movie, Unic mini spider cranes can be seen perching on rooftops at great heights on skyscrapers and towers in cities around the world.

No superhero powers required, our spider cranes have been expertly engineered to take on lifting challenges that other compact cranes can’t thanks to the original research and development, pioneering design and precision manufacturing that goes into these machines.

Unic URW-295 mini cranes were able to scale the heights of the 80 storey D1 Tower in Dubai, being transported up from floor to floor by hoists to install steelwork and unitized glazing panels along the way. These compact and lightweight cranes are the ideal size to be transported around confined spaces and carry out internal work.

Three Unic URW-706 spider cranes were set up on top of towers of the St Botolph’s building looking over the streets of central London. The cranes’ outriggers were placed in special sockets to create a stable base for lifting in this restricted space. Operated by remote control, the cranes lifted steel stairwell towers to the 13 floor structure on this 6 month project.

For this lifting job in Australia, a steel platform was created on this ninth storey balcony for a 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 to sit on.

One of GGR’s mini spider cranes also made it to the top of Europe’s tallest skyscraper, The Shard in London. Dismantled into two and lifted by tower crane to the incredible height of 283 metres, the Unic URW-706 worked from the 87th floor of the landmark building to help install 440 glass panels.

So next time you see a bright red crane in the skies, it might very well be a Unic mini spider, the unsung hero of many a construction project!

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