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HOMER robot installing corner glazing unit

GGR’s HOMER glazing robot was recently hired to help install a tricky corner unit with its trademark accuracy at a private house in Ulverscroft, Leicestershire.

The customer specifically requested our HOMER machine for this job because of its reputation for performing challenging glazing tasks with incredible precision. The HOMER’s innovative robotic lifting head can continuously rotate 360°, pivots left and right by 80° and tilt 80° up and down.

The 500kg capacity HOMER was fitted onto a telehandler to lift the 320kg bonded corner unit onto the first floor of the new build. After helping to move the glass panel over rough terrain to the installation point, the radio remote controlled HOMER guided the glass into its final position with ease.

A P11104 Four in Line glass lifter and forklift were used to install the rest of the glazed panels. Take a look at GGR’s range of forklift adaptors for using below-the-hook vacuum lifters with forklifts and telehandlers.

GGR’s glass lifters and robotic vacuum heads are often used to help fit glazing to new homes. For example a DSZ2 lifter was hired to work at this remote countryside cottage, a GL-UMC600 was used at this Oxford home and a Four in Line lifter appeared on Channel 4’s Grand Designs installing cathedral style windows.

Fitting glass unit with HOMER robot in Leicestershire home

The dual circuit HOMER robot was created by GGR’s in-house research and development team back in 2004. Using the same robotic head design as the standard EMU robot, the ‘High Operation Mounted EMU Robot’ could be mounted onto a telehandler for installing glass at height and below awkward overhangs.

The HOMER has since been hired to work on high profile buildings across the UK including Chobham Academy in the Olympic Athlete’s Village, BMX Velodrome in Manchester, Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Liverpool Echo Arena, the Museum of Liverpool and more.

GGR now offer alternative HOMER machines to fit your lifting requirements – the HOMER Curved for lifting concave or convex glass, HOMER Flexi with a bespoke lifting frame created by GGR’s in-house team and the 750kg capacity HOMER 750 with an upgraded robotic head. Contact our customer service team today to find out more.

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