By: Kelly Holdaway On: November 02, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

A trio of Unic mini cranes was put to work in an Icelandic shopping mall recently to help install a large amusement ride indoors.

The Twist ‘n’ Swing ride was put together inside the mall using the lifting power of two Unic URW-506 mini cranes, a Unic URW-295 mini crane and a fork lift.

The mini cranes were used to assist with the whole installation of the ride, first installing steel beams to make a square underneath the structure’s columns.

The Unic URW-295 mini crane, with its 2.9 tonne lifting capacity, was then used for installing columns so the largest piece of the ride could be lifted by the two Unic URW-506 cranes to reach its height and be installed. The two 3 tonne capacity cranes were able to work in tandem to lift the almost 6 tonne load.

The cranes completed the job by lifting and installing drives, rollers and seats efficiently and safely so the ride was ready to open to the mall’s thrillseekers.

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