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Providing efficient storage and seamless transportation is essential for any business but especially for companies using heavy machinery and moving bulky items. With the nature of construction companies and others that deal with heavy lifting situations can quickly turn dangerous when you’re not using the right equipment. Many things such as glazing, stone, cladding and more can be difficult to move and lift without the assistance of other tools. Manual handling alone is also often not an option which is why trolleys and a-frames hold such an essential place throughout many workplaces.

Trolleys: Enhancing Transportation and Mobility

Not just a necessity for your weekly shopping but also great for moving materials around a job site. Trolleys offer wheels for many materials, allowing you to easily roll heavy equipment or multiple materials from points A to B.


Especially with bulky items it can feel like a challenge to try to manoeuvre it through tight spaces or over long distances. At GGR Group we supply a range of trolleys which are all different to accommodate an array of different uses. With a selection of features such as robust wheels, unique frames and beds, tow handles, suction cups, and more you can almost always find a trolley to assist you with your project.

Self Locking Dolly with a door.

Self Locking Dolly with a door.

Time Efficiency

With the help of some wheels on your materials, you can save plenty of time by reducing the time spent on manual handling. There is no need to put items down when you come to a stop you can simply come back to it when you are ready and it will still be ready to go. Without the need to carry items by hand you can also maintain a normal walking speed without it being unsafe.


Excellent across various industries a trolley solves many transport challenges faced by modern companies. GGR Group’s range of trolleys come with different capacities, sizes, varied terrain ability, and more features that equip these products for many projects. Some trolleys have pneumatic tyres which offer better shock absorption on rough terrain like the Self Locking Dolly while the Sack and Stair Trolley has an adjustable frame to allow easy materials transport upstairs.

A-Frames: Efficient Storage and Organisation

When it comes to keeping materials safe and easy to retrieve it is essential in a fast-paced environment. A-frames can be some of the best equipment for storing flat materials like glazing and sheet metal. This is because multiple can be stacked together but they are still easy to remove from the frame. Below we discuss some notable advantages they can bring to your storage.

Space Optimisation

Some materials can take up a lot of space when in storage which can cause issues when space is lacking. With the use of a-frames, you can improve the way you store materials as a-frames are designed to safely hold glass and sheet materials in the most optimum way. The upright positioning holds materials at a slight angle so that they don’t fall over or put strain on the materials. This also takes up much less space than horizontal storage and allows the use of multiple a-frames in one space.

The Tilting Trolley 600 carrying glazing through a doorway.

The Tilting Trolley 600 carrying glazing through a doorway.


A-frames are designed to hold materials at an angle of 45˚ or less, keeping them positioned so they are easy to grab. This reduces the need for workers to bend down to retrieve materials and allows them to lift much more safely. You can avoid injuries associated with lifting heavy from low down as well as perform actions more efficiently.

Damage Prevention

Using an a-frame for storage is a great way to reduce the chance of damage to your materials. As the angled position is ideal for holding sheet materials without them slipping, falling, or causing strain to them. As you can stack multiple sheets of material together the protection offered by the a-frames is increased. A-frames come in various sizes such as our Large A Frame and Small A Frame as well as Custom Built A-Frames. The different designs mean you can select one according to the size of the materials you will be storing. As the edges of your materials won’t be hanging over the edge, they are less likely to receive accidental damage.


At GGR Group we supply a range of storage and transportation solutions for materials including trolleys and a-frames. An important consideration on any job site or at any company is how you can ensure materials and workers are kept safe. For assistance choosing the right equipment for storage and transportation contact our helpful team here.

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