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One issue many glass installers face, is the installation of glazing and façade elements below building overhangs or soffits. With thanks to GGR’s range of specialist lifting equipment, this can be a relatively simple install when the right equipment is used.

Libro 2500b Overhang Beam

As market leaders in the specialist lifting industry, we have the technical expertise in house to recommend and develop new lifting products in line with our customer requirements and growing glass trends. Over the years we have worked closely with our customers and suppliers to launch and deliver new products to the market, like these Libro overhang beams.

Recently, the Libro 2500B overhang beam and the Hydraulica 1000B Glass vacuum lifter were hired from GGR Group to help lift and install glazing below this building overhang.

Together, this popular lifting duo were attached to the onsite mobile crane and had to lift the glass from the glass stillages, manoeuvre into position and then guide in underneath the roof overhang to allow the fixers to install.

The glass, weighing in at 720kg and measuring a huge 6 metres in length and 1.2 metres in width, was no challenge for our team of experienced operators and specialised lifting kit.

The Hydraulica 1000b Glass Vacuum lifter was the ideal choice for this project thanks to its generous 1000kg lifting capacity and 90 degree powered hydraulic tilt, ideal for manoeuvring, lifting and rotating and placing oversized glass like this.

Selected for its precision control and lifting capability when manipulating loads, the Libro 2500b is one of the most popular overhang beams in the Libro range. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery to power the adjustable 30 counterweight rack and pinion saddle and is controlled by a cable remote, allowing the counterweight saddle to be moved along the beam, to balance the load being lifted. It also features a lifting capacity of up to 2500kg.

For GGR Group there is no glazing project too big, too small or too complex. Contact our technical sales team today to see how we can help with you next glass lifting project, contact us here now.

Libro 2500b Overhang Beam

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