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GGR Group has reached its 7000th training customer from its accredited centres across the UK.

7000 operators have been trained on GGR’s crane familiarisation course, and 2000 operators have taken part in GGR’s RTITB vacuum lifter course. Additionally, GGR has put over 250 operators through A66 CPCS crane training, all at GGR’s “Centre of Excellence” training facilities at the Northern and Southern depots.

GGR has been running training programmes for ten years and is the original provider of the CPCS A66 course, breaking new ground for the UK as the first supplier to provide the course. GGR also provides the only accredited training programme (RTITB) for vacuum lifters in the UK.

Andy Wadsworth, GGR’s Health and Safety Manager, commented: “GGR designed these training courses to boost health and safety knowledge and practice for the safe operation of vacuum lifters and mini cranes. GGR’s crane training and familiarization have gone from strength to strength, with many operators returning to learn about new UNIC mini crane models.”

He continued: “Proof of successful completion of the RTITB training programme, offered exclusively by GGR, is now a compulsory requirement for many principal contractors. Likewise, many leading trade contractors will only allow contractors to work on their projects whose personnel have completed the course.”

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