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A versatile glass vacuum lifter and two of GGR Group’s most popular compact cranes were hired to complete glazing work at Brandon Primary School in County Durham recently.

Unitized glazing panels in different sizes needed to be installed in several locations around the school, so an MRTA6 glass lifter was chosen thanks to its multi-configurable lifting frame.

In the school’s courtyard area, a 2 tonne capacity G20 pick and carry crane transported the 220kg glazing units to the right spot ready for installation. The aluminium glazing system was then lifted into place using the MRTA6 glass sucker.

Surface obstructions such as mullions and transom bars on the unitized glazing panels were not a problem for the Woods Powr-Grip MRTA6 lifter as it was fitted with new Woods pad frame extensions so the lifter’s frame sat proud from the surface. The lifter could be adjusted so its vacuum pads could reach the load and achieve full contact with its glass surface.

A Unic URW-095 mini spider crane was also used with this vacuum lifter to install glazed panels under a canopy. The mini crane was fitted with a searcher hook which could be set at the precise angle required to move the glass into place.

These lifting machines are becoming more and more popular with contractors for school construction and maintenance projects as they are easy to set-up and can complete a job efficiently, causing minimum disruption to the day-to-day running of schools. Compact cranes and vacuum lifters are also ideal for reaching restricted access areas and working safely in confined spaces around site.

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