By: Kelly Holdaway On: November 14, 2009 In: Blog Comments: 0

The GGR Group was given a challenge of Olympic proportions recently when the company was asked to construct a 4 metre diving pool with prefabricated concrete blocks in Maltby. The URW 506 mini crane built the steel diving platforms and positioned the 1.5t concrete blocks with the URW 706 mini crane finishing the job.

The Galizia G150 pick and carry crane, with a lifting capacity of 1.5t, was used to lower both mini cranes into the pool and lifted them out once the job was completed. The G150 was also used to move a 3t scissor lift into a narrow opening, with the hydraulic fly jib lowering it into position. The builders had previously been struggling to complete this job with a forklift with no success.

Graeme Riley, Chief Executive Officer of GGR commented: “This is yet another example of the versatility and potential of The GGR Group’s lifting solutions, from pick and carry to mini cranes. GGR is capable of constant adaptation for each particular job, as shown on the Maltby pool project. We’re obviously not afraid of a challenge!”

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