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GGR Group has almost 30 years of supplying lifting solutions to the construction industry. With such vast knowledge, they decided to introduce eLearning courses to their curriculum in order to bring these qualifications to more people who otherwise do not have the time for in-person training.

The GGR eLearning courses are fully interactive and come with a Learning Management System so you can keep track of how far along you are with your training as well as complete the course at your own pace since all your progress will be saved.

Terry Cheese, Group Training Manager, has developed these courses with his technical and equipment training expertise. Offering a selection of LEEA-accredited training courses specially designed with user experience in mind GGR Group is set to soon expand upon their courses after last year’s launch.

GGR Group’s eLearning Courses

GGR Group's eLearning Pre-Use Check

GGR Group’s eLearning Pre-Use Check

These fully remote courses cover the use of floor cranes and hoists with assisted learning through quizzes and assessments, narration, videos and instructional films, and downloadable documents. All this benefits the learner as they are always able to refer back to the information throughout the course due to the Learning Management System and manageable sections.

Safe Use of Floor Cranes – Element 1 of 2 (Health & Safety)

This is a mandatory first part of your Safe Use of Floor Cranes course which contains 25 questions covering the health and safety required when handling floor cranes. Taking 1.5 hours to complete you will learn what responsibilities are required o

f you and your employer along with the key requirements of equipment operation.

Safe Use of Floor Cranes – Glassboy 330 and 500, Big Foot 280 and 450, Slewboy 500

This course covers 5 types of floor cranes and is accredited by LEEA from which you will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course. In the 4 hours it takes to complete you will learn how to carry out a pre-use check, operate the included floor cranes, and understand how to complete related documentation.

Safe Use of Floor Cranes – MFC 750 and Glassboy 850

This LEEA-accredited course will cover the necessary knowledge needed to operate both the MFC 750 and Glassboy 850 floor cranes such as converting to a short wheelbase, fitting the optional Z boom, and key safety points. Taking 3.5 hours to complete there will be a 25-question assessment with an 80% pass requirement.

Safe Use of Floor Cranes – Glassmax 250 and 500

Receive a LEEA accreditation with this 1.5-hour course on the essential skills of operating the Glassmax 250 and 500. The interactive course will take you through sections such as attaching optional fork attachments, use of support struts, and correct operation.

Safe Use of Floor Cranes – GML500+ & GML800+

Glassmax end of use GGR Group eLearning

Glassmax end of use GGR Group eLearning

Learn how to operate the GML500+ and GML800+ floor cranes in this interactive course with easy navigation and informational videos. You will be instructed on GML key safety points, overviews of the floor crane’s features, and scenario-based questions.

Safe Use of TR30 and TR50 Electric Hoists

Understand how to safely operate TR30 and TR50 electric hoists by completing this 1.5-hour course that comes with a LEEA accreditation. Covering safe securing of loads, operation with and without the sheave kit, pre-use checklists, etc. you will have the full knowledge needed for safe operation after a 20-question knowledge assessment with an 80% minimum pass requirement.

With 13 types of floor cranes and electric hoists GGR Group’s eLearning courses are soon to be expanding with the finishing touches being made to all the new training content. See a sneak peek here. The increased choice of online courses will bring convenience and better-quality training right to your doorstep. Keep an eye out for any more news we have on our eLearning courses so you can be the first to try them out.

For more information on our eLearning courses read here or contact one of our team by phone or by clicking here.

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