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Needing a crane licence can vary depending on where it is being used. If using a crane on private land anyone can use a crane but you should remember you still hold liability for using it unsafely and causing an accident – this is why you may want to consider a licence or at least being trained by a competent person.

If driving a crane on a public road it is necessary that you have both a full UK drivers licence as well as either a Category C1 crane Licence (for crane weight 3.5 – 7.5 tonnes) or a Category C crane licence (for cranes weighing over 7.5 tonnes). This is to ensure public safety as you should understand the rules of the road and the correct way to handle plant machinery.

However, even when working on private land many contractors and customers that hire your services will likely only accept operators with a valid CPCS card as it provides them with the reassurance that you are capable of completing the job.

At GGR Group we provide a range of courses from anyone from novices to experienced operators to complete a CPCS A66 Endorsed crane course.

eLearning Courses

Due to a surge in demand for courses that offer high-quality education alongside convenience GGR Group introduced our eLearning courses last year. These interactive modules have been designed to be completed from wherever you are, as long as you have access to a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to work from. The courses are interactive and can be completed at your own pace thanks to the built-in learning management system that keeps track of where you are up to and saves your progress. With our current eLearning courses, we cover the use of floor cranes which is a great course for beginners who are not familiar with non-electric cranes.

To learn more about our eLearning courses you can follow this detailed blog.

CPCS A66 Endorsement A Static Stabiliser Cranes Course

Complete this course in just 2 – 5 days with the help of our GGR trainers who will help you train up to testing standards. You will cover things such as health and safety and travelling and manoeuvring compact cranes using a range of our UNIC URW Mini Spider Cranes.

CPCS A66 Endorsement B Mobile Industrial Cranes Course

Learn everything you need to know on theory and legislation and hands-on training in less than a week. Throughout this mobile industrial crane course, you will cover compact cranes with the capability for pick and carry duties, wheeled or tracked chassis, and non-slewing telescopic.

CPCS A66 Endorsement C Static Luffing Crane Course

Pick up all the knowledge needed to operate a static luffing crane where we cover a 360-degree slewing upper structure, telescopic boom with luffing extension, derricking, slewing, and telescoping. You will practice these skills on our Starworker 1600.

A Starworker trailer crane in training.

A Starworker trailer crane in training.

CPCS A66 Endorsement D 360° Pick & Carry Cranes Course

Using one of our Mini Crawler Cranes you will finish the course in 2 – 5 days and cover both the theory and practical sides of crane operation. By the time you complete the course you will be able to lift and place loads and perform all necessary pre-use checks for safe operation.

You can learn more about becoming a crane operator in our blog here. At GGR Group we have years of experience in providing courses for both inexperienced and experienced crane operators and continue to introduce more and more CPCS-trained operators into the industry. To find out more about the courses we have available speak to one of our staff members by phone or by clicking here.

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