LEEA Accredited Pedestrian Operated Materials Manipulator Course – Module 4

Range of equipment covered:

  • Homer
  • GGR Emu 300-500

This module is part of a course that has been designed and set up to provide a one-day accredited training program covering a range of materials lifters supplied by GGR Group, by way of both theoretical and practical training and assessment of skills through both theoretical and practical testing. On successful completion of the course, candidates are issued with both an LEEA accredited certificate and operator skills card, valid for a period of 3 years.

In order to cover the wide range of equipment covered through this course, the course is broken into 8 modules, each module being 1 day in duration. There is no requirement to complete all four modules, as each module is also individually accredited and covered. Each module can be added to the skills card as and when the candidate completes them if so desired.

Costs and Course Size

The cost of the course is a minimum of £500 +VAT (for up to two candidates), with a further cost of £250 + VAT per candidate; up to a maximum of 4/6 candidates (depending on venue choice) for each module.

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LEEA Accredited Glass Manipulators & Floor Cranes course - Module 4

LEEA Accredited Pedestrian Operated Materials Lifter Course - Module 4

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