Glass Transporter 3000

Capacity: 3000kg

The Glass Transporter 3000 is a 3-tonne capacity heavy-duty roller trolley for transporting glass, steel plates, plastic panels, stone slabs, and facade elements across flat, smooth solid floors.

Featuring two carriages and a factory-prepared length of the connecting tube, this trolley can transport materials from 1.7 metres to 12 meters in length and up to 2.5 metres in height.

The versatility of the Glass Transporter 3000 makes it ideal for moving heavy and wide elements as well as larger and smaller elements. This trolley features 8 rotating smooth, hard-wearing roller lockable wheels for ultimate control when moving materials across the site. This product also includes eye bolts for ratchet straps to secure loads.

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  • Capacity: 3000kg (1500kg per trolley)
  • Easy to transport
  • Large wheels for working on-site
  • Ground clearance: 130mm
  • Shelf width: 25-225mm
  • Maximum length of glass: 1.7m-12m
  • Maximum height of glass: 2.5m
  • Weight: 220kg (per trolley)

Ref: AGT49

Technical Specification

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