Glass Stillages

Capacity: 2000kg

Easily store glass, stone slabs, plasterboard, GRC panels, sheet metal, and more with our dependable Glass Stillages.

The Glass Stillages from GGR gives users a maximum capacity of 2000kg (loaded evenly) with its 18mm plywood shelf, perfect for keeping materials safe on-site ready for installing in their final location.

Heavy-duty 40mm box steel, 18mm plywood shelf, and a generous 400mm width shelf on each side combined with the 2300mm length and 1800mm height gives operators ample storage space. Perfect for use on busy construction sites, warehouses, yards, material manufacturing facilities, and much more.

A wider shelf is available, increasing the width from 400mm to 500mm.

Liftable Glass Stillages

Make the Glass Stillages even more adaptable with the addition of lifting eyes.

For raising or lowering the Glass Stillages from different levels, the addition of heavy-duty 15mm thick lifting eyes enables operators the ability to use mobile cranes, tower cranes, gantry cranes, or spider cranes to manoeuvre and position their stillages around site.

If you are looking to purchase any of our range of Glass Stillages, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

  • 2000kg capacity (loaded evenly across both sides)
  • 40mm box steel frame
  • 400mm or 500mm shelf width
  • 400mm shelf weight: 165kg (w/out lifting eyes), 170kg (w/lifting eyes)
  • For sale only
  • 400mm Shelf With Lifting Eyes: AGT83
  • 400mm Shelf Without Lifting Eyes: AGT83A
  • 500mm Shelf With Lifting Eyes: AGT84
  • 500mm Shelf Without Lifting Eyes: AGT84A

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