All-Terrain Dolly

Capacity: 90-180kg

The compact and lightweight All-Terrain Dolly from GGR Group is perfect for transporting heavy panes of glass or doors manually around a job site. The integrated 204mm diameter vacuum pad gives the user reassuring confidence that the load will remain attached throughout, the pad also comes fitted with a red line safety indicator to ensure full vacuum is still applied.

Additional cushioning is handled by the attached rubber bumpers and pneumatic tyre that helps reduce the risk of damaging a load.

Weighing just 7.7kg and able to traverse over uneven ground, site debris, kerbs, soil and more with up to 180kg capacity, this dolly is perfect for quickly taking glazing from one location to another without the need for A-Frames or offroad carriers. With the All-Terrain Dolly, glazing handlers can have less strain whilst manoeuvring loads on-site, with a strong vacuum cup from a trusted name in the world of vacuum lifters.

Safe, sturdy and reliable, the All-Terrain Dolly is available from GGR Group today.

To hire or buy the All-Terrain Dolly, contact GGR Group today.

  • 90kg capacity (2 users), 180kg capacity (3+ users)
  • Dimensions: 831mm (l) x 394mm (w) x 214mm(d)
  • Pneumatic tyre diameter: 394mm
  • Integrated vacuum pad for attaching to flat glass, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces
  • Vacuum pad diameter: 204mm
  • Red-line vacuum indicator
  • Quick-release valve lever
  • Check valve that allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum
  • Ref: AGT01

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