Mobile Gantry Crane 5000

Capacity: 5000kg

This tall aluminium gantry system has a generous 5 tonne lifting capacity, making it perfect for handling heavier loads in remote locations.

Consisting of two A-frames, a 4.5 metre long lateral beam and a wheeled trolley, the Mobile Gantry Crane 5000 is a more practical alternative to a large fixed gantry crane as it can be moved around site, easily dismantled and is compact enough to be stowed away or transported in a van.

With a maximum lifting height of 4.04 metres, this taller adjustable leg gantry crane model is a simple solution for handling larger loads such as water lock gates, boats, HVAC equipment and even goods or personnel lifting.

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  • Includes 1 standard trolley and 1 chain block
  • Weight: 294kg.
  • Overall height: 3.4m minimum, 4.6m maximum
  • Block and tackle hook height: 2.0m minimum, 3.2m maximum
  • Saddle hook height: 2.84m minimum, 4.04m maximum
  • Ref: MCO95
Mobile Gantry Crane 5000

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