Big Foot 450

Capacity: 450kg

The Big Foot 450 floor crane has all the same great features as its smaller sibling, but it can lift 450 kg, which means it can move heavier loads like glass, stonework, machine parts, and much more.

The rough terrain solid tyres on the Big Foot floor crane, which make it easy to move loads over uneven ground, are one of its best features. This handy floor crane is easy to move around the job site because it only weighs 168kg without the counterweights. When the 18 counterweights are added, the weight goes up to 564kg.

With a maximum hook height of 2.7m, the Big Foot 450 can be used with many of our glass vacuum lifters, like the MRT4 Intelli-Grip or P11104 Intelli-Grip, or stone manual and vacuum lifters, like the SK200 or Flat Grab.

This special floor crane is easy to put together and take apart, and the counterweights can be taken off to make it easier to move. A great way to help with simple projects involving installation.

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Big Foot 450
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  • Capacity 450kg
  • Max hook height 2.7m
  • Lockable solid tyres
  • Smaller tyre diameter: 250mm
  • Solid larger tyre diameter: 400mm
  • Easily assembles and disassembles for transport by van
  • Transport dimensions 1720mm (l) x 780mm (w) x 700mm (h)
  • Weight 564kg (168kg without counterweights)
  • Number of counterweights: 18
  • Vacuum lifter is hired/sold separately
  • Ref: MCO12

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