Hydraulica 4000 – Vacuum Lifting

Capacity: 4000kg

The Hydraulica 4000 boasts a vacuum lifting capacity of 4000kg making it ideal for lifting large panes of glass, which have become more common in modern construction projects. With a maximum capacity of 4000kg and featuring 360° battery powered rotation with 90° hydraulic tilt, this vacuum lifter is ideal when maneuvering large, heavy loads.

The Hydraulica 4000 is complete with cable remote control, extension arms and a transport stand as standard, with a radio remote control available as an optional accessory. This leading glass vacuum lifter offers quicker, safer, high capacity vacuum lifting on site. This quad-circuit window sucker features four independent vacuum circuits and is designed to lift flat loads of glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates, sheet metals and coated boards.

As the UK’s leading supplier of lifting solutions, the GGR Group has a range of high capacity vacuum lifting solutions up to 6000kg.

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Hydraulica 4000 Vacuum Lifting
  • Capacity: 4000kg
  • Four vacuum circuits with 4 on-board maintenance free vacuum pumps
  • Electric powered 360 degree rotation
  • 90 degree hydraulic tilt
  • Weight: 1400kg
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert
  • Transport stand as standard
  • Cable remote control as standard, optional radio remote
  • Sliding extension arms

Ref: VGL69

Technical Specification

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